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Desmond Doss, Jr.
Desmond Doss, Jr.
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Desmond Doss, Jr.


• Desmond Doss, Jr. is the only child of Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Desmond T. Doss and Dorothy (Schutte) Doss. Like his father, he joined the US Army as a conscientious objector and trained as a medic.

• Desmond Jr. is a firefighter / engineer serving in Washington, D.C., and Denver. He continues as a volunteer firefighter in Ilwaco and Pacific County, WA.

• He is also a commercial pilot, sailor, ham radio operator, crewman for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Certified International Tour Manager.

He grew up hearing his dad's stories and could recite them verbatim. Through his dad's well-known achievements, Desmond Jr. had the privilege of meeting presidents, senators, congressmen, generals and many other Medal of Honor recipients. His father's notorious invitations took him to interesting places and unique events he would have never had the opportunity to experience.

Growing up with a war hero in the house might sound exciting or glamorous, but in many respects Desmond Jr. says it was all very ordinary. "To me, he was just my Dad."

Since Desmond Doss Sr. isn't here to speak for himself, Desmond Jr. is happy to represent and honor his dad's legacy the best he can. He hopes people pick up on his father's ability to love, accept and forgive others, even when he was despised. His values and ability to love was intrinsic in him and the power of that is incredible.