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DDMGT: Desmond Doss Memorial Golf Tournament

Bronze Star
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Bronze Star


We believe conviction is indispensable for living a worthy life and is based on having a personal moral compass and resilience.

The Bronze Star sponsorship level donors are also being recognized for their generosity in underwriting the evening reception.

Sponsor at the Bronze Star Level


• 1 - Foursome

• 2 - Biz Class Air Fare R/T Tickets

• 4 - King or Double Queen Rooms for 2-Nights / Sandstone Hallow Inn

• Sponsorship Recognition / Tee box Recognition (Serving or Fallen Family Member)

• 8 - Trophy Memorial Dinner & Movie Tickets

• Gifts

Desmond Doss Foundation: PO Box 1132, Collegedale, TN 37315
A 501(c)3 Organization • EIN: 83-2430662    

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