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2021 DDMGT: Desmond Doss Memorial Golf Tournament

Monday, October 11th 2021: Put it in your Calendar!!
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Desmond Doss Cochlear Implant Center | Loma Linda University Health

Apart from youth character development we at the Desmond Doss Foundation are committed to addressing the issue of hearing loss. Accordingly, we are building a strong relationship with Loma Linda University Health’s Cochlear Implant Services in honor of the care Desmond Doss received in 1988 from Dr. Timothy Jung.

At the time, a Cochlear Implant was innovative technology and Dr. Jung was able to restore Desmond’s hearing after forty-three years of hearing loss. In support of LLUH’s Cochlear Implant Services a fund has been established by the University in Desmond’s name in collaboration with the Doss Foundation which will be donating proceeds from their golf tournaments to support LLUH’s outreach of Cochlear needs to Veterans, First Responders, and others suffering from hearing impairment or loss.

At the end of the donation process, you can add a notation that your donation is to benefit DDCIC.