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Donor Wall: Honoring the memory of Desmond Doss

Click any stone to learn about donor recognition of honoraria or memorial posts as well as more information about recipients.

Foundation Donors
The Desmond Doss Foundation gratefully acknowledges our supporters

Individuals recognized as Desmond Doss Foundation honorary recipients

In Memoriam
Individuals recognized as Desmond Doss Foundation memorial recipients

Golf Tournament 2020
Individuals, Foursomes, Patrons & Sponsors of the inaugural Tournament

Alan Azoff
Westlake Village, CA
Tim Boundy
Blossvale, NY
David Brillhart
Gold River, CA
Chris Buron
Agora Hills, CA
Warren Cordone
Milford, MI
Mr. Jeffrey & Taryl Cordone
Cordone Consulting & Production Services
Joseph Cordone
Clawson, MI
Hans Diehl
Redlands, CA
Rebekah Falconer
The Villages, FL
Al Falconer
The Villages, FL
Phil Garver
Collegedale, TN
William Gospodnetich
Huntsville, TX
William Haupt
Apopka, FL
Mr. Raymond & Pamela Heers
Anacare Health Services
Gerry Lewiss
Blossvale, NY
Simon Liversidge
Camarillo, CA
Mr. John Minoy
Stuyvesant. NY
Linda Mullen
Perris, CA
Mr. James Parra
Los Angeles, CA
Blin Richards
Glendale, CA
Kenton Spuehler
Sarasota, FL
Mr. Patrick Sweeney
Centerville, OH
Herbert Thornberry
Chattanooga, TN
Thomas Winn
Adirondack Building & Construction, LLC
Dean Wolcott
Moorpark, CA
Daniel Yeakle
Chino Valley, AZ
Jason Youngblood
National College Planners, Inc.