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April 28, 2020

Hacksaw Ridge - The Motion Picture, Mel Gibson Lionsgate

The Conscientious Objector - the documentary. Doss Council

The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge: Desmond Doss. Gary Kent, Incredible Journey

This is Your Life, Desmond T. Doss - Television Program, Ralph Edwards Production

Redemption on Hacksaw Ridge - Official Doss Biography, Doss Council

The Birth of Hacksaw Ridge, How it All Began - The Story of the Doss Early Years, Gregory Crosby and Gene Church

Beyond Hacksaw Ridge, An Order of Battle - Bible study of the Hacksaw Ridge, Movie Themes, Dick Stenbakken, Doss Council

Faith of Desmond Doss, Primer on Doss’s Faith, John Bradshaw, It Is Written

The Medal of Honor Society Foundation Character Development Curriculum

The Pathfinder Character Development Honor Curriculum

www.desmonddoss.com/org - Official Desmond Doss website

www.desmonddossfoundation.org - Doss Foundation website

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Print Resources

Redemption at Hacksaw Ridge (The Unlikeliest Hero)

Booton Herndon [Hardcover] (previously titled The Unlikeliest Hero)

Official Doss Biography, Doss Council

Redemption at Hacksaw Ridge is a much expanded, reedited edition of the original The Unlikeliest Hero, which went out of print in 1967. The new edition contains nearly three times as many pictures, a new Foreword, and Epilogue tracing Desmond's life after the war and his recovery from wounds and tuberculosis.

This page-turner will keep you riveted to your seat as you discover how Desmond Doss became the first conscientious objector to receive the Medal of Honor. Desmond's dramatic true story of integrity, faith, loyalty, selflessness, honor, courage, and bravery will inspire you to live by the courage of your convictions.

Order your copy here

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The Birth of Hacksaw Ridge, How It All Began

Crosby/Church [Ebook] [Paperback] / Foreword by Dr. Charles Knapp, Chair, Desmond Doss Council

"For those of you interested in learning more about PFC Desmond T. Doss, I invite you to read my new book. It’s about Desmond's early years growing up, how he got his undying faith, and the extraordinary moments throughout his childhood wherein I believe he experienced divine intervention. (Gregory Crosby -- Co-Producer "Hacksaw Ridge")

Order your copy here

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The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge: Desmond Doss

This is a link for a YouTube video to play the documentary, The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge: Desmond Doss. Permission for the posting of the film on our website has been granted by Gary Kent, Incredible Journey, as described in the accompanying text message.

From: Gary Kent

Subject: Re: Doss Documentary

Date: April 25, 2020

To: Stanley C. Knapp

Dear Dr Knapp,

Following up on an earlier email regarding our updated version of the Desmond Doss documentary. I just want to ensure that you have received all that you need to embed this new link on your website. A link to our version of the program has been provided.

If there is anything further I can do to assist, please let me know.

Kind regards,


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